I’d have to admit i haven’t watched the news in years and it wasn’t till the other day that i realised why.

Most of you know that i’m what you would call an ‘online’ person. What i mean about this it that i get all my learning, information, reading, study, entertainment etc from the internet. The reason for this, i thought, was because it was easier for me but i always wondered what was the initial reason for the change?

Well i found this out not to long ago when i turn on the news simply because i was out all day and hadn’t been informed on the days events. What i was greeted with was a string of stories based on unimportant details. The first story was about some cook show and how a contestant threw a hissy fit and stormed out and left the show. Now i like reality TV as much as the next person but where i draw the line is when they are covering a story that should be left to an entertainment news channel.

The next story was a story about how a lady was asked by her counsel to remove some herbs from her nature strip that she planted. Now she wasn’t getting a fine and they weren’t harassing her or anything like that, the story was purely about the fact that the council thought it was a hazard…Thats it! Not only that they talked about this story for 15 mins and i just told you the whole story in like 3 or 4 lines.

The next story i was greeted with was a story about how a public pool has now been turned into a drug hang out, not only that it was next to a school. This story i was ok with as they talked about what to do with it and what the police were doing. They also had a call out for people to come up with ideas with what to do with the public pool and what it should become. Mind you this was the best story out of the lot.

This carried on for the few weeks i watched the news. Just strings and strings of random crap that was in now was relevant but just for the people out there who were thinking “maybe there was just no news”. Well the time period that i watched the news was end of Feb to mid March and here is a list of what happened in that time. I have put stars next to stories that were semi covered..

  • 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics *
  • Ukraine Protests (Not even mentioned)
  • Russia Dispatches Troops to Crimea
  • Group Knife Attack Kills 29 in China
  • Violent Protests in Venezuela *
  • Crimea Votes to Secede from Ukraine
  • US Senator Wages War on the CIA
  • World Job Growth Increases
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight Disappears *
  • Washington State Mudslide Kills Dozens

These are just a few of the many stories that happened over that time but only a few were mentioned in between fluff stories.

To me there is no real reason for this, i miss the old news where they reported on the good and interesting stuff. I’ve been watching the TV show Newsroom and i have to say that is a news channel i would watch. Even though it was a show it had all the news stories that were relevant, it had panels and discussions on things that mattered to the public and the world.

I say we need to have a news show on TV who didn’t bring on celebrity guests that are just there to promote their latest whatever or talked about stories that put you to sleep instead to talking about real news and real stuff that is going on.

Please Australian Media, bring back the news the we want to watch!

Till next time guys…