This has been an issue that i’ve had to deal with since moving to an online blog and backing up not only what i write but to also deal with commenters. Our society has gotten braver over the years but only in one aspect and that is online. The internet is a great place but with the rise of anonymity people are using their keyboard as there own shield and cowering behind it. This might be strange coming from me but what can i say i like writing. There has been times where i wanted to do these in videos but mostly i don’t have time (but i still might).

Most forums these days have an option to be anonymous when posting a comment but this isn’t much of an issue. With bloggers making people login with social media account people are making multiple account and treating them like burner phones to post ether mean or crappy comments. Hiding behind this shield that we have might be good for some due to their shyness but for most it is just a way to be an ass.

For me, i was shy but have grown out of it. I’ve said on here multiple times that if you want to talk to me about anything i’ve posted then you just need to ask. Being honest is a good thing and i encourage that but here are a few steps that you might like to follow:

  1. Do i really need to post this?
  2. Will my comment offend anyone? If so
    1. Am i ready for the backlash?
    2. How much trouble will is cause?
  3. Are there any legal ramifications?
  4. Does my comment benifit the discussion?

These steps are ones that i encourage all of you to go through before posting no only comments on a blog but putting posts on facebook, sharing images or videos.

Let me make this clear though, i’m not saying to censor yourself and not be yourself online, I’m more providing a helpful guide to how to make sure you get your message across in a better way and not make you look like a keyboard coward.

Till next time…