Keeping up to date with TV shows – The Commute

I have way to many TV shows to watch, however, with stream services and outages with the end of seasons maybe I should be waiting with some of them. Watching the shows in this way it means that I can keep up to date with the drama shows and don’t get things spoilt. Don’t forget […]

My online TV show and coming up with a name

A while ago I mentioned that I am making a show. Well, progress has been slow as I’ve been learning everything as I go along and as I don’t have the time or money for ‘official’ training, I’ve been self-teaching. With all of that still in mind, I’m happy to announce that we are in pre-production. […]

Addictive TV shows

You know how some shows are so addictive you can’t help but watch them? I’ve had a few shows now that I just keep watching and watching and can’t stop. Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m still watching but they are just that addictive. One show that I’m currently addicted to is called ‘Jane […]