Wilson and Bradley

Wilson and Bradley - 2017

An online store that sells kitchen cabinets and kitchen furniture.

Wilson & Bradley offers its customers a diverse selection of kitchen and cabinetry hardware. They have customers coming from all areas of industry including kitchen and commercial furniture manufacturers, to the retail market and have been sourcing, distributing and supplying a wide range of kitchen and cabinet hardware across Australia for more than 40 years.

What they required is an extension to their already existing website. They wanted to upgrade the design and then offer the products to both wholesale and retail customers. Before this time they were only offering online ordering to their wholesale customers. So the first thing was the design had to be overhauled, it was a very ‘informational’ design which worked well for their wholesale customers. What we needed to do is an update for the retail customers. So the design was made up to show off the product images and to provide good design combinations and inspirations for the users.

The other addition needed on the site is a buy now and pay later option. This would allow customers who couldn’t necessarily pay for all the products upfront, they can sign up to Zip Money Services to still get the product. This connects directly to the Zip Services to provide live feedback on the purchase through their rapid API.

This site was built in CS-Cart using the Bootstrap framework. The build wasn’t overly complicated as the products were simple and the website layout was also fairly simple. The main issue was the payment gateway and later the shipping configuration with the client wanting a click and collect option even if some of the products in the order were available for pickup. The order was split into click and collect items and delivery items which caused a problem logistically.

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Client: Wilson and Bradley
Year Completed: 2017
Work Type:
Custom Development
Services Completed:
Custom Website Development
eCommerce Development
Information Architecture
Payment Gateway Integration
Responsive Development
Website Design
Website Development
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