SMSF Benchmarks Portal

SMSF Benchmarks - 2016

An online portal to calculate your SMSF data and export reports.

SMSF Benchmarks is an online tool for SMSF investors and their advisers. Their aim is to give you and your trusted adviser better information about how your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is going. Through a series of simple, yet sophisticated independent reports generated by an online SAAS portal.

This was all done via a fairly sophisticated maths engine in the backend of the site. It would run in the background as the site was being updated with content and recalculate averages, percentages, and best action plan moving forward based on the numbers. It would then translate this into readable and downloadable graphs.

The site also had various wizards so that the user could easily enter in their data to provide the most up to date information. All of the graphs on the site were based on graph.js and were interactive to allow the customer to view the information in the best way possible. The site also included a number of instructional guides for the end-user to inform them of what everything means and how it affects them.

The cire if the site was built in CS-Cart with all the extensions and maths engine made in addons and customized hooks. There was also a WordPress site built but this was a simple one-page site that connected to the portal which also took care of the payments and subscriptions.

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Client: SMSF Benchmarks
Year Completed: 2016
Work Type:
Custom Development
Services Completed:
Custom Website Design
Custom Website Development
eCommerce Development
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Project Management
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Website Development
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Custom reports
Large data
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