Risktech Management Portal

Risktech Risk Management Services - 2018

An online portal used to manage risk in the workplace.

Risktech is a company that provides risk management services to companies. They asses the potential liability risk in the building, with the building and with staff. The purpose of the portal ‘Haztech’ is to provide a digital service to Risktech staff to input inspections, centralize images, and export out reports.

The benefit we had with this system was it was a completely new system. They wanted to include for their clients a way of communicating recommendations for ways to decrease risk as well as notify them of upcoming inspections and improvements. The notification system was done primarily via email and only emergency notifications via SMS text. We had a number of trigger points in the site that would activate one of these notifications.

In addition to this, another very important aspect was the PDF export. It needed to be a live export meaning that as content changed on the site you could instantly export a new PDF with the updated information. The PDF itself had to include not only text but a maths engine was included to provide an estimated cost and timeline for repairs. This was based on a table or values that the client could update on a global level and an individual level.

The main difficulty of this project was the load times. Many aspects of the site including the PDF exporting, took a fair amount of resources and slowed the site down. However, alterations were made to ensure that the site’s speed was still at an optimal level. The portal was built in Laravel and used the Bootstrap framework for the design. It also used the library TCPDF to help generate the PDFs.

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Client: Risktech Risk Management Services
Year Completed: 2018
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Custom Development
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