Poly4x4 Website and Portal

Poly4x4 - 2019

An online staff portal with multiple storefronts for general customers.

Poly4x4 is one of Australasia’s largest independent auto supplier of Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge parts. What they needed developed was an online portal listing out all of their available parts as well as full cars that they had available for sale or able to be stripped for parts. They also needed an option to make these parts available for their customers to see and purchase.

What was developed was a CS-Cart based system with a fair amount of customisation added in for the portal. We utilised the multiple storefront component of CS-Cart to deliver the separately branded online parts stores (Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge). The main body of work was with the staff portal which had a ‘add car’ function to it where it allowed the staff member to enter in the car details, location of the car in their yard and then have a checklist of the available parts in the car that they could tick off as being available. Once doing this, the individual parts became available for the customers to purchase online and if it was sold then it would alert the order management team at Poly4x4 that the part sold and where to find the part and that they needed to disconnect the part.

Everything on the site was live and connected, when a part was removed from a car it would update the site so if the customer wanted to buy the whole car the list of available parts in the car and missing parts would be listed. Poly4x4 could also see and insert individual parts into the system and even assign it a location. This way all stock can be found in the multiple warehouses that they have. To the general user, the site just looks like a basic eCommerce site and that was the aim. We wanted the experience to be a seem-less as possible but still provide the user with live and up to date data.

The last customisation we added to the site is the search engine, mainly focusing on the filtering based on the values selected. What we mean by this is that as the user selects the make, model etc of their car, the next option they can select will be updated to only include the relevant values.

This site was challenging, it provided us with a problem that hadn’t been solved before. We invented new processes and methods that help us grow and develop. The site is still growing as new parts and products are being added daily so ongoing updates and maintenance is a must.

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Client: Poly4x4
Year Completed: 2019
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