Peak Processing Website

Bastion Brands - 2019

A simple business website with information on Cannabis-Infused products.

Peak Processing Solutions is a manufacturing service provider, specialising in contract and tolling services for the Canadian and International cannabis market and they required a business information site.

The design was provided by the client ‘Bastion Brands’ as they are a marketing and branding agency. The design was then taken and turned into a WordPress website using the Sage framework. It’s a modern responsive build and doesn’t have anything overly complicated in the design or layout. However, as the nature of the content is a little sensitive, they needed an age gate. This would be simple apart from the fact that not every country has a different ‘minimum age’ for viewing details on these types of products. To solve this, we needed to include a check to see what country they are visiting from then do the check for the date of birth.

The other customisation was the dynamic content based on the country as well. This is due to the fact that each country have different regulations and information for specific areas of legislation. So for particular areas of the site like the FAQ page, the content had to be updated based on where the user was visiting from. So if they are from Australia then they get the Australian based content and legislation. The client can easily set this content in the backend will a fall back so they can set the default content then the country specific content.

As previously mentioned this was built in WordPress in the Sage framework. The difficult thing about the project was the time difference and management of the project. Peak Processing is based in Canada and Bastion Brands is located in Australia where i was located as well so with this time difference there was delays.

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Client: Bastion Brands
Year Completed: 2019
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Custom Development
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Custom Website Design
Custom Website Development
Responsive Development
Responsive Website
Website Design
Website Development
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