One Good Street

One Good Street - 2019

An online portal to build a community of helpers, items and requests for help.

One Good Street is an online social networking site connecting the elderly community to people offering to help. Items can also be placed on the site as a donation for people to borrow while the need use for that item. It’s an online community promoting togetherness and kindness.

This website is a fully customised portal that integrates with WordPress to run majority of the front end parts. The portal/backend of the social network is built in Laravel. Most of the functionality is fairly basic but is completely custom to this website. The products/items go through an approval processes to ensure that they are valid and not a ‘spam’ item. Once approved it then goes public then up to users to communicate to each-other to organise pickup, delivery etc.

The other cool component is the heat mapping. This uses the google map API to show the street ‘hot spots’ meaning it will show the streets that are offering the most help for people. It displays them in a traffic light like system of green, red and yellow with red being low and green being high. There was also image uploads for profiles and items so they the user can see who they are helping out and/or what item they are looking at.

As this site was a new concept it was very difficult to perform research for the functionality and for marketing. We also had to work hard at the explanation on the website to ensure that the users visiting the site understand what the product is and what they are signing up. This site is continually being updated and worked an as the company is still flushing out what they need,

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Client: One Good Street
Year Completed: 2019
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Custom Development
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Custom Website Development
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Responsive Website
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