MaxiParts eCommerce Catalogue

MaxiParts - 2016

An online digital 'Catalogue' like website with detailed product specifications

MaxiPARTS is your one-stop shop for all Truck and Trailer Parts. With 21 sites around Australia, they have one of the most comprehensive core product ranges covering everything from lights, tools, oil and filters through to axles, suspensions, tyres and brakes.

What the client needed was an online resorse for all of these products. They needed a large online store/catalogue so that people could search and look at what ever product information they needed. They didn’t nessasaraly need to have all products purchasable on the site as some where just to difficult or bulky to send off. Items like oil, suspension systems, axles etc. So some products would be purchable on the site like light bulbs, tools, filters etc but all others purly served as and information page about a particular product.

The main difficulty with this site was the size of it. Their was upwards of 250,000 individual products and each product had multiple data points from dimentions to type of truck and much more. This made categorising the products increasingly difficult as the site was overflowing with categories. This made searching for products increasingly difficult. The solution was to limit the categories to the bare nessesitys and essentually use the filtering system to break it down even further.

This site was built in CS-Cart with a custom theme leveraging a number of jQuery libraries to put the search together.

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Client: MaxiParts
Year Completed: 2016
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Custom Website Design
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