MA Security Portal

MA Services Group - 2018

An online portal for staff to use in order to report incidents.

MA Services Group (MASG) provides security, cleaning and customer focused services through a risk management approach to understand, manage and deliver outcomes.

This project was a mobile first based website as they needed a facility for their security guards to enter in incident reports and view relevant data on the go. The site needed to have photos uploaded to them as well as using geolocation data to save the reporting location as well as notify a guard of an incident just reported near them. The form entry fields needed to be easy to enter data in but still capture a decent amount of information.

There also had to be a desktop component to this as well. As reporting was necessary so that MASG could report to their client the amount of incidents as well as values. They could also get a report on specific guards to see who is recording the correct information or notice patterns in who might be getting targeted.

This involved a large amount of mathematical formulas to be programmed in so that the MASG admins could just see the results and automatic notifications could be sent to guards on the fly. The sites backbone is Laravel but utilises a number of libraries for the notifications, calculations and report generation. It is also a PWA meaning that it can be viewed and data submitted while offline.

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Client: MA Services Group
Year Completed: 2018
Work Type:
Custom Development
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Custom Website Design
Custom Website Development
Project Management
Responsive Development
Responsive Website
Website Development
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Custom reports
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