Joshua Curci Online Management

Joshua Curci - 2020

Full online presence management with a website, blog, social media and video content.

Joshua Curci is an online personality who writes blog posts, creates online video and has a professional portfolio page. His online content is mostly comedic but also has a bit more serious content sprinkled in there.

The scope of what we cover is 2 websites, which is his personal folio site and which is his blogging site. Also on the blogging site we have an automatic import of the youtube and twitch videos that he releases. On top of the websites we also manage his social media which includes facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube.

We write up content for social media and EDM newsletter to match the content provided for his blogs and release content together on a schedule. The newsletter mainly contains a summary of the month prior and a sneak peek of something that may be coming up. We use a collection of tools including Mailchimp, Hootsuite and WordPress to run all these different areas.

The main difficulty with this work is constancy. We make sure everything is scheduled out and we have the content written well before the time for release. As the user base and even Google is using this service due to returning content that is what is required.

Client: Joshua Curci
Year Completed: 2020
Work Type:
Custom Development
Social Media/Marketing
Services Completed:
Custom Website Design
Custom Website Development
Google Analytics
Graphic Design
Project Management
Social Media Icons
User Experience (UX)
Website Development
Website Hosting
Website Layout & Strategy
Key Features:
Custom reports
Instagram integration