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Yoursquad is an online marketplace built for businesses to list their events as either a one-off events or subscription classes. These classes are targeted toward children and the site itself is targeted toward parents.

The website was built in WooCommerce using the Sage framework. It has a number of integrations with payment gateways and shipping gateways. It has a clean UX and UI allowing users to quickly and easily get the information that they need. The site is very custom with a custom-built search engine that allows the user to search in a particular category and in a particular location radius. It will then display the vendors that supply those services in that area. You can then click through to see those classes.

We also needed to customize the URL and breadcrumb structure so that the location and service were in them. The layout of the vendor pages also had to be customized as there were a number of data points that needed to be displayed from the age range, type of class, facilities available and a number of other options. When it came to the subscriptions themselves they had to be very dynamic and to be allowed to select class times and days and change them if needed.

This site was quite customized and has progressively evolved and is still evolving.