Health Predictions provides home and workplace pathology and paramedical visits in all capital cities and some rural centres. They also provide General practitioner visits in most capital cities and can arrange specialist home or workplace visits. They also help provide information about a customers health for life and health insurance providers.

This site is a full customised portal, it allows doctors and nurses to view and schedule in appointments. I also allows customers to see their medical history as well as results. There are two main highlights in the site which are the report generation and the automated follow up engine. The report generation take the live data and provides a report on any particular patient the doctor may have. This gives the doctor and overview on what appointments that have, what they have taken and the results of their tests. These reports are also provided to the insurance company in a more restricted fashion to allow them to better tailor their medical coverage.

The follow up engine also takes this information and automates updates, notifications and report generation. Before an appointment it will send out a text reminding the patent and the person taking the appointment (doctor or x-ray technician). It will notify the insurance company and email a new report when a test result has been taken and submitted.

The site was built in Laravel and the base design was in Bootstrap. There was a number of libraries used as helpers for the PDF (tcpdf) and the SMS messages (twilio). The most difficult part of the project was security as you are dealing with the storage and distribution of a persons medical information. So everything had to be locked up tight and secure ensuring we are using top of the line encryption and server firewalls.

Built while working at