Exercise Video Engine (EVE)

PhysioHealth - 2016

A custom Wordpress extension that added a video library and prescription form.

Physiohealth is a physiotherapy groups in Melbourne. With 25 plus years of clinical experience working with elite athletes and over 5 locations in Victoria they aim to bring a culture of education, innovation and enthusiasm into the physiotherapy field.

This is why the Exercise Video Engine or EVE was created. It was an all in one solution where they could house their over 250 videos or exercises and recovery techniques. It had to be built into their existing WordPress site and be able to be searchable and filterable to the user. Not only was the videos placed in this searchable system but each video also had text and downloadable guides on reps, times and other useful information.

The secondary part of the engine is a ‘prescription’ component. Essentially what it does is allow a staff member to set up a plan or a prescription of exercises for their client to follow to help their recovery. It sends them an email stating what they should do, how long for and how many sets they should do. It also has links to the videos and individual pages to show them how to perform the exercise and tips and tricks for each exercise. This also has some automated emails that can be set up to remind them to do the exercise and/or come in for an appointment.

The whole engine is custom PHP based on the WordPress framework. It was custom developed over a few weeks and the main issue/difficulty with the build was the data entry. As there was lots of videos and content to insert into the site. The engine is still being used today by many of their clients and staff.

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Client: PhysioHealth
Year Completed: 2016
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Custom Development
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Custom Website Design
Custom Website Development
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