Collecte Online Marketplace

Collecte - 2019

An online marketplace of vintage and used furniture, lighting and artwork.

Collecte is an online marketplace of products submitted by users. It’s an online marketplace of high-end vintage and used furniture with delivery is taken care of by the client and management of delivery, pickup, returns, and advertising all handled by Collecte.

The site is very customized as the process of verification was very strict. This meant that a custom ‘product listing’ form had to be developed. It asked the user to enter key values like brand, material, style, proof of designer (aka makers mark), and much more. The products they wouldn’t become public but first would be reviewed then adjustments made then it was finally approved. Even the images had to be in a particular format which brings us to the first customization, ClippingMagic. The form was connected up to an online service called ClippingMagic which allowed the user to edit the image on the site to crop out the background so that the product photo was just of the product. Upon completion, the image had to then be downloaded from the ClippingMagic site.

The next addition was a custom delivery portal. The client had brought on board a small delivery company to help with the pickup and delivery of items. This delivery company was not set up to work with or connect with online delivery management. So a small delivery portal was integrated with the site where the driver could register date and time for pick up and delivery. It would then send reminders to the driver and the person connected to the pickup and delivery to remind them to either be home or offer an arrangement to make the delivery easier.

There are a few more aspects of the site that are customized which required us to build the site using Laravel and a base library from Laraship. This allowed me to properly set up these functions without having to deal with a platform’s “default” method of placing orders or handling product addition. This then provided more flexibility to ensure that everything works how it was intended to work.

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Client: Collecte
Year Completed: 2019
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Custom Development
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Custom Website Design
Custom Website Development
eCommerce Development
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Payment Gateway Integration
Responsive Website
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Website Development
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