This is a website built on the platform CS-Cart.
The design was made simplistic as the site didn’t need to be marketed towards the general public. This site was built to only have staff accessing the site which was achieved by them logging in.

The site was custom built as well to track and report back on the points earned and the points spent. It exports a report tracking the individual staff members spending of their points. All reports export in CSV format and are custom built to be reimported into their 3rd party sales tracking tool.

Additional to the report export, a custom-built import was also added.
This takes an export from their sales tracking system and imports it into the site and adjusts the total amount of points to their new total.

This project took about 3 months to complete and after completing a secondary site was opened for their support staff. The site is still being used and the daily user number has slowly increased.

Built while working at