Sunday penalty rates and their reduction – The Commute has passed law to reduce Sunday penalty rates but what does this mean for you? Should they stop here or also cut public holiday rates. I discuss the potential […]

The Commute Super Week the commute super week. This is the week where i post every day for a week. Mostly it’s just to publish all of the backlog of videos that i […]

Australian legislation to increase tax & remove junk food and soft drink from schools – The Commute is trying to pass new legislation to increase tax on junk food and soft drink. They are also planning on having these foods removed from schools and sporting events. […]

Wouldn’t the flash need to poop a lot? – The Commute have a question about the Flash and the amount of food he would eat. Not sure if this is ever covered in the comics but he should need to […]

Melbournes Taxi Protest – The Commute me as I’m stuck in Melbournes taxi protest and the ramifications it has on my drive in. I also come up with a better idea of what they should […]

My new series – The Commute to my new show. I’m going to be posting semi-regularly as i film little videos on my way to and from work. I talk about superheroes, latest news, interesting […]

How to save the DC cinematic universe – DC vs Marvel

Want to find out what DC can do to save the cinematic universe? Well i’m here to answer all those questions and more. Please watch for an in depth analysis […]

Looking back at 2016

As the year draws to a close one can’t help but look back at the year that has been. 2016 has been an interesting year, we have seen many things […]

Changing History

There has been lots of shows and movies about time travel lately. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Timeless, Frequency, The Flash etc. This has gotten me thinking how history would be […]

Robot Apocolipse and the internet

Ever since the terminator move we have been always scared of a robot uprising. Either the AI would become too smart and take over or people would use them for […]