X-Men with pure CSS

This cool script created by Ryan Spilhaus, shows us that we don’t need to use images or javascript to build awesome looking pages. [advanced_iframe securitykey=”c808bbb6828cb48649d5466b9c1fc7a5810394e3″ src=”https://codepen.io/rspilhaus/full/LWZYOp/”] This page built purely with […]

What i enjoy watching – The Commute

I have found that what i watch now on both TV and Movies have changed. I focus more on story than crazy explosions or even the franchise that it’s connected […]

The age old question: What are we having for dinner? – The Commute

Every married couple has to deal with this question…what are we having for dinner? It’s a problem that is still hanging around and you very rarely find a good solution […]

Why do people like reaility shows – The Commute

Why do people like reality TV shows? I dive into what makes them so appealing. Don’t forget to subscribe here on youtube and to like Joshua’s facebook page for all […]

Why I don’t do lip sync videos – The Commute

I get requests to do lip sync videos and there is a reason why i don’t do any. Have a look at the video to find out why. Don’t forget […]

Stuck behind a crappy van – The Commute

Being stuck behind this crappy van can’t be good for me but I’m actually more curious about what’s wrong with it. Do you guys know whats gone wrong? Don’t forget […]

Raising a Dog and a Baby is almost the same – The Commute

Raising a Dog and a Baby are not exactly the same but there are some similarities. I was so tired making this video I hope it all turned out ok. […]

Video games does not equal violence and schools need better computer education – The Commute

Violent video games does not equal violence. It comes down to education and teaching kids how to be safe online. Channel 7 Story – https://www.facebook.com/7newssydney/videos/1549090041781790/ Don’t forget to subscribe here […]

Essendon Airport tragedy and what they should do with the airport now – The Commute

There was a plane crash at Essendon Airport that took 5 lives. Due to this, there have been talks on what to do with the airport now. Should it close […]

Sunday penalty rates and their reduction – The Commute

Australia has passed law to reduce Sunday penalty rates but what does this mean for you? Should they stop here or also cut public holiday rates. I discuss the potential […]