The Walking Dead

I am in love with the walking dead!! I love both the show and the comic book…i can’t get enough of it. Wasn’t to sure about the way the show […]

A little bit of code

I’ve been thinking lately of introducing a new section to my website… Basically the idea i had was to introduce a tutorial section to the website where i would run […]

Halo 4 Review

First off for all of those people who are reading this before you play the game make sure if you want to play multiplayer you need to install disc 2 […]

Star Wars buyout and Sleepy

Hey Guys… So much to talk about today and not to mention i am exhausted. Been working hard at work and on some of my side projects and i am […]

Suit Update

Hey Guys… Been trying to get my tower working but so far no luck. I have recently updated it with more RAM and a 500GB hard drive but it is […]

Weekend Robe

Ok yes i admit it i have a weekend robe… I have a robe that i wear only on weekends, kind of like a party robe but much more awesome. […]

Iron Man 3

Well as you know the trailer for Iron Man 3 just came out which you can see here… and i will have to say it looks awesome. Interesting that they […]


Packages…lately I’ve been ordering a lot of tech online and I have had some really suspect packages. They have all been ok don’t get me wrong but I sometimes wonder […]

Brain Exploding

My brain is currently exploding I have so much crap going on at the moment and so many issues to deal with that i am now having constant headaches. We […]

Welcome (NEW)

Welcome to the new and improved… I have been working hard to update this website so it is more efficient and better to look at. There is still some […]