It’s only logical

It’s only logical? Yes i wrote that correctly… I’ve been going through a few things which has made me question whether something is logical or not. I’ve lived my life […]

My Cats

Ok I admit it I have cats…there I got it out so move on. Even though I do have cats I would say I am still a dog person. I […]

Suit Update

Hey Guys… Been trying to get my tower working but so far no luck. I have recently updated it with more RAM and a 500GB hard drive but it is […]

Weekend Robe

Ok yes i admit it i have a weekend robe… I have a robe that i wear only on weekends, kind of like a party robe but much more awesome. […]

Welcome (NEW)

Welcome to the new and improved… I have been working hard to update this website so it is more efficient and better to look at. There is still some […]