I didn’t want to write this article but I feel like I owe it to my followers and supporters to write this for you all.

As of today, i’m temporarily stepping back from creating online content. This will include gaming videos online, any current shows e.g. The Commute and also any blogs.

As you may have seen in a previous video, I was taking a break as I was going away on holiday. I am now back from holiday but there have been pressures from other sources which forces me to not have time to dedicate to creating online content. Pressures were already there but I was able to still make weekly content by pulling back on some long term projects. Since before I went away and even this week and a half I’ve been back, I’ve had a number of items come up that have forced me to make this decision.

Firstly there has been a change with work, not just my work but also Jamie’s. I don’t really want to go into detail right now but this is one of the factors. Secondly, I feel like me ‘personal development’ has been lacking. Not just in educating myself in my field but also when it comes to video work and design. Additional to this I haven’t been treating myself right, I eat lots of crappy food and don’t really exercise much. This is something I would like to change.

Lastly, it has to do with one of our pets Caboose.

We have found out over the last week that he has 2 luxating patellas.
Now not to go into a mass amount of detail but basically what this means is that his knee caps are ‘loose’ which means they pop in and out of place. This has caused him pain and difficulty walking which makes simple things like eating and going to the bathroom hard for him. This has made Jamie and I focusing more time on looking after him.

Currently, he is ok, he is on pain medication and is scheduled in for surgery that the end of the month to rectify the issue. After the surgery, it will be 6 weeks of recovery and then he should be back to normal. These are the reasons why I have chosen to step back. I’m not going to be gone forever, so don’t worry, I just need some time to get myself into the right place and put the focus back into myself.

Until next time…

I’ll miss you all