There has been lots of shows and movies about time travel lately. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Timeless, Frequency, The Flash etc. This has gotten me thinking how history would be different with minor changes, from here I was reminded of this video from The Newsroom

Changing small details in history can have massively great consequences. Taking the FDR from the video as an example. Yes, you would stop the great depression but what else would this change? Could this have started the next great war? This then brings into question, how would we know if history has been changed? There are a number of theories out there about time travel, multiverse theory, alternate timeline, timeline reset and much more. Someone changing history could have reset what we thought actually happened. The world might have come to an end after FDR died and someone went back and swapped out a wobbly chair. I won’t bore you with all of the details of time travel and just go to my main point. If you could change one thing in your past, what would you change?

Personally, i wouldn’t change anything…I know this seems like a cop-out but let me explain. You see everything you experience in life helps mold who you are. Changing something small in your past can change what type of person you are. It could make you the killer or even make you nonexistent, but what’s all this without an example.

Let’s say you stop yourself from falling off a bike to save yourself from breaking an arm. Let us call you falling off the bike timeline 1 and you not falling off timeline 2. So in timeline 1 you have broken your arm, you go to the hospital and get a cast. You get time off school, spend more time with family and also learning a few lessons. This helps you grow as a person, now let’s look at timeline 2. Here literally anything can happen, you could get hit by a car a few seconds later because you were never meant to be crossing the road…or you could have been kidnapped because you went past a house a few days later that someone took the opportunity.

You see time travel is awesome but can have dire consequences. It’s something that we think is in the distant future but could already exist…we just don’t know it yet.

Until next time