We live in an age of entitlement.

Now if you are not sure what that means I’m going to explain it to you.

You see in society everyone thinks they are entitled to anything they can think of. They think if they pay any little amount of money they can get anything they want.

The phrase I’ve been hearing lately is ‘I pay for a job and the job isn’t complete until I think it is complete’. Now most people would see this and say that’s it’s reasonable but that there is the problem.

Going around thinking this is ok is why we live in an age of entitlement. If you are paying for a job you are doing just that. You are not paying for someone to just be around too and fix every little detail until you’re satisfied. Let me give you an example.

I had a client recently who enquired about a plugin on their site. They wanted their online store connected to their MYOB installation. I sent out a detailed list of specs as well as made sure we had all the details to make the connection smooth and work correctly. The job was complete and the connection was working smoothly but they were withholding payment.

I had made a number of enquiries as to why they were withholding payment and they asked if the work was done would work with ZERO and I said no with full details as to why it wouldn’t work. They then asked for it to work with ZERO and I sent them a new quote. They then said they shouldn’t have to pay because they have already paid (at this point he hadn’t) and the work wasn’t done to their satisfaction. They stated that they are moving to the platform ZERO in a few months and want the connection to work with the new platform.

Now I can go into all the technical details as to why this wouldn’t work but think of it this way. It’s like charging an iPhone with a Samsung cable. The 2 cables have the same function however the connections on both ends are different.

The issue is that the client thought that because I didn’t say they I wouldn’t build the connection for ZERO that they were entitled to it. Everyone in the world will say that they are entitled to everything that they want but to put it bluntly, they aren’t. If you haven’t earned it then you aren’t entitled to it. You can’t expect to just get everything you want without working for it.

We need to break this age of entitlement and start to teach the younger generation that they need to work for what they want. Sadly I don’t see that happening…

Until next time