This is a topic that I think not everyone knows about but are affected by it all the time. The term you need to remember here is ‘clickbait’.

Now this is both an annoying feature on sites but also an art form. The basic idea of ‘clickbait’ is that you are making a link or an image interesting to people. Now you might read this and think ‘well isn’t that just a well thought out link?’ and the answer is no.

What it comes down to is what is the content and does this relate to the title or the image.

Take this image as an example. This link is for an article ‘17 Facts you won’t believe are true’. They then use an image of Taylor Swift, now she is a well know celebrity and most people that see this will click on it just to see what her shocking fact is.

Now the issue with this is that the article has nothing to do with Taylor Swift or even contain a ‘fact’ about her. Now these are the articles that might get some clicks but they are not the best form of ‘clickbait’, the best form is the following.

If you can’t tell, they are all images of relatively attractive girls. Most guys will just click on them to see more images. It’s actually proven that these types of ‘clickbait’ links and images provide more turnover than the Taylor Swift image. These types of images and anything related to sex is what is mostly used.

Links like ‘You can’t believe what happened when these girls kissed’ or ‘She didn’t expect this to happen’ are well known for getting clicks. A warning for you all, though people use these links for evil. More often than not these links have attached to the viruses. Once you load up the site a virus gets downloaded to your computer and then they leak out your credit card details etc.

Now you might be wondering how this is an art form. Well, it is all related to the number of clicks people get from these links. To be able to draw people into your site by some well-placed links or well-placed ads is something that is not overly easy.

Not only that but making money off is it a whole other thing. My advice to you is to be careful about these links. Watch what you are clicking and you can find all information you need from a reliable source. There are safe sites out there so take advantage. There are also sites where you can set what content you want your news to come from the other sites that give you details of safe sites you can view.

Be safe out there and if you are going to click on links like this make sure you have antivirus software on your computer and are backing up your system.