Finding balance in life can be hard and there is a real danger of not finding that balance. You can be worked to the bone and so stressed out that you start to lose motivation. However, I have a few solutions that can help.

Save time for hobbies

We spend too much time worrying about work and making sure we are productive that we don’t save time for our hobbies. We all need hobbies, we need something to keep our morale up. Without this, we end up losing motivation and don’t enjoy yourself. Now if you’re among the few people you are doing their hobby as a career then for you guys make sure you have your own private project that is separate from your work. For everyone else, make sure you schedule in some time.

It can be a few hours a day or on the weekend but make sure you make time. If you do you will find that you will enjoy that time you have set aside. It will also start to relieve some stress. For me my hobby is DIY. As you can see from past posts I like to make things and for a long time, it was my Iron Man suit but more recently it has been my desk.

Find a destresser

Now the first thing you would think of is a stress ball that’s not really good. Sometimes we get so stressed that we just want to punch something. Well, what you need to do is channel that into something a little more productive. High focus activity will help you relieve that stress in a productive. Some suggestions are building models, picking up an instrument, playing brain games etc. These activities will help stimulate your brain and pull your focus onto something different. For me, it’s playing drums.

Go out

Going out is important! Humans need social interaction to keep their minds right. Without a fellow human to talk to you will find yourself talking to inanimate objects. I’ve had times when I’ve been stuck in a situation where weeks on end I would stay home and not really talk to anyone and found that this wasn’t healthy. I would randomly start talking to myself and having full conversations. Even now if I’ve been left alone for a few hours I talk to myself. Going out once a week for dinner or some sort of social activity will help you unwind as well as have healthy relationships.

These were just a few tips for you to keep balance in your life. Now I’m not a psychologist or anything like that so in no way use this as a medically structured plan to relieve stress.

These tips are just things for you to consider and maybe try out. Let me know how you go.

Do you have any tips that might help?