How is everyone doing?

I’ve missed you guys.

I’ve missed writing up my blog for you all to read so I have decided to start them up again.

I think the last blog post i wrote was like 6 months ago and I’ll be starting them up again. I’m not sure yet how frequently i will be posting but i will try to do at least one every 2 weeks. For now, though let me catch you up on what i have been doing.

I have moved into my new home and have all the furniture we need. We are now looking at slowly upgrading some more expensive items as they are getting old or not working as well as they should. The first thing we will be looking at is a washing machine.

Adding to that, we now have a puppy!

His name is Nightwing and he is a golden retriever and border collie cross. He gets up to lots of trouble but is fitting in nicely. He gets on fairly well with the cats even though Caboose is a grumpy old cat.

Other than that it’s just been business as usual. Still working lots and trying to develop new projects.

Well hopefully we will talk soon and i’ll talk to you guys soon