If you watched my stream last night you know that some stuff is changing over the next few weeks.

Even though I explained it in my stream I thought I would write up a blog post just explaining it in greater detail.

Firstly the status of my streams. Twitch streaming has been an experiment for me, I started streaming as a way of talking with a live audience and discussing topics. I’ve since found that what I’m wanting to achieve I can’t do with twitch streaming. So I’ve decided to move back to doing more regular Let’s Plays.

I’m still hoping to release at least one per week but with my current schedule mainly with work (which I don’t see changing for a while) and with the new house, I don’t think I can put the right effort into the stream. Additional to that I don’t think that the servers for Australia are really in the right place to have streaming working well in Australia. I’ve had numerous people from Australia say that they have a slow stream or an unwatchable stream.

I know Twitch is working on this but in the meantime, I’m going to be doing fewer streams (about once a month) but I’ll be posting more pre-recorded Let’s Plays. Next is the status of my Vlogs. I know I promised you that I’ll be starting my VLOGS in November but that was under the assumption that we would be moved into our new house by then which you can tell we are not. They are still planning on going ahead but I’m looking at starting them in Feb of 2016.

Lastly, it is the branding of the sites and content. Now, this isn’t going to affect the content that I do to much but more about how it looks. Just to put your mind at ease I’m not going anywhere and you won’t have to subscribe to a bunch of new pages. All that’s going to happen is that I’m rebranding some of my content to help with future endeavors.

I’m also planning on taking some of it in an awesome direction and I’m hoping this rebrand will assist that.

That’s all for now guys.

If you have any questions please let me know.