I’m getting over-excited at the moment because our move-in date is so close and I also have a lot going on once I do.

September is a busy month and it’s not that far away but that’s the month I’m looking forward to.

All the waiting, compromising, and hard work that we have put in is finally paying off. September is the month that I’ll be moving into my awesome new house but this isn’t the only reason I’m excited. I’m also excited because the projects that I’ve been wanting to work on are finally going to start. The reason why some of these projects haven’t been going ahead is because of space mainly.

At my current location, I don’t really have the space or a good enough area to get started. Particular projects like a vlog or an interview type show aren’t going to work if I don’t have the space to set up lights and cameras. This is the other reason I’m excited because I have ideas and projects that I want to share with you but I can’t. Also along the way I have some DIY stuff to show you guys.

First off is a collapsable table/workbench so that I have a platform to work on my other projects. I hate that most of my past projects I have worked off the floor or a temp work area. The plan for this table is that it will be my workbench that I can set up and put down when I need to. Not only that but I’ve also got planned to build a storage solution for all my gear.

I have a fair amount of it and I need a good way of storing it all, so that plan is to build a custom solution. I know I can get storage cubes and stuff like that but it’s not really the same as custom building a set for your gear. So you can see that I have a few things planned and the idea to get the work started as soon as we move in.

We will keep you posted and might even have a few videos for you.