Magic and Ilusions

A little while ago I saw the Illusionists 2.0 which is a show where different magicians come out and do different illusions. There were card magicians, prop magicians, escape artists, and hypnotists. After the show and the few days after I was asked some interesting questions about my view on these types of shows. I […]

Types of talkers

There are many types of talkers in the world and some are annoying but I thought I would share a few with you. I’ve also included ways that you can counteract these types of talkers. Close Talker one who speaks to a person at point-blank range (usually with both peoples’ noses less than a foot […]

Designing and furnishing a house

As you know by now, I’m moving home because I am building a place. Now comes the part of decorating and buying furniture for the new place. The bad thing is and I know this is a first-world problem type thing but the house is starting out so basic that there are too many options. […]