Have a look at my mailbox in the image below. I’ve obviously blurred out the client’s name and subjects for security but look at all the ! marks.


Everything is marked as urgent but to me, they might as well not be. When everything is urgent then nothing is urgent.

You can’t keep sending emails to be marked as urgent just because you think I will read them first. Well actually I do but if the item is not urgent then it goes to the bottom of the pile. Normally I slot it in to try and have it done the day I get it but if you mark as urgent but it isn’t then out of spite I put your email at the bottom.

Clients need to understand that if they are working with a digital agency then that agency has other clients. If you want someone available 24/7 then you hire someone who can do that for you.

Stop marking everything as urgent because when everything is urgent then nothing is urgent.