Christmas, time off and plans for the new year

Another year has come and gone and it’s time for the christmas season. Apart from the normal family events i have this year, i’m also going to watch the hobbit […]

5 vertical scrolling trends for 2015

Where does the future of vertical scrolling websites lie? 2014 was the year that vertical scrolling bubbled through from burgeoning fad to mainstream trend. With awesome advertising, prime portfolios and […]

The Banning of GTA5

I wasn’t going to talk about this but why the hell not. As you may know a bunch of people got together to sign a petition to ban GTA5 from […]

When everything is urgent nothing is

Have a look at my mailbox in the image below. I’ve obviously blurred out the clients name and subjects for security but look at the the ! marks. Everything is […]

Destiny and Companion apps

Destiny is a game from Bungie and Activision and is the first joint project by these companies. These companies have brought us blockbuster games like the Halo franchise, Call of […]