A little while ago I posted an article about doing what makes you happy and this article is along those lines. The basic line from this article that you can take away is that ‘your life is your life and no one can tell you how to live it’.

Before I start my rant I want to say that this is not a dig at anyone or targeting any one person but more of a general statement based on a question.

Ok so now that’s out if the way lets get to it. People are curious beings and that’s what makes us great but you then get certain questions. The main question is the one that starts out like ‘Why haven’t you done____?’. This question is the one that annoys me the most and more commonly it is one about kids or a house or marriage. Not only do I get these asked of me but also asked of other people and it makes me wonder if these people would ask if they knew all the details.

We do a lot in our life and most of it is in private or behind closed doors but everyone wants to know everything. Some of the reasons why it is behind closed doors are mostly because it isn’t really anyone’s business. Asking someone why they haven’t done something is not really the right approach to this. For example, if you want to know why someone hasn’t had kids yet you can maybe ask something like ‘Are you and your partner wanting to have kids in the future?’.

Rephrasing the question helps out a lot as people will see this as wanting to know more about you and not invading privacy. You can’t just dive into these questions, it’s like asking someone ‘So have you had sex recently?’ instead of asking ‘So have you met anyone recently?’. Simple rephrasing can help the situation with a great deal. Don’t assume that you asking the question is going to give you a positive response because, in the end, your life is your life and their life is their life.

Be careful when asking questions that are personal or might have a difficult background to it.