This can sometimes be a touching subject as everyone has their own opinion on many things. What I want to talk about is how you can find a reviewer or website that has the right reviews for you.

1. Start with a large site

Most forms of reviews fall into a few categories and those categories have websites that cover them. For example, the big review sites for video games are sites like,, etc. Starting with these sites might be a good idea if you don’t really know what you are looking for. They also have a large pool of reviewers so there is a better chance you will find a reviewer that you like on there.

2. Find someone like-minded

This one requires some research on your behalf. Pick a product or item that you know and have a solid review from yourself. Then when you are on a review website have a look at what they said and do this for multiple reviews. Through this, you will find a reviewer that is like-minded and has the same concerns as you. This comes in handy when deciding to buy something or watch something as you will know you will like it if the reviewer likes it.

3. View the forums/comments

This part can be dangerous as a one-off instance could ruin your opinion on a product, however, this part is essential. I say this because your review that you are reading might have been a one-off experience or might not have had any bugs. Looking at forums and the comments give you an idea on if there are regular bugs or issues and if the support for the item is good or not. Examples of this are that someone might have gone to a movie and the 3D wasn’t really working so they might say the movies 3D was terrible but in fact, it was just a one-off example. In the end, it is a gamble as you never know what really is going to happen, but staying informed and picking something that has mostly positive reviews or has good support can make all the difference.