Everyone says that people never change but most of you could say you have seen them change and act differently, well I’m sorry to say that even in this case the saying still stands true. People change and they change all the time, they might be acting differently now but it doesn’t mean they have changed. People get to the age where they are independent and stand up for themselves but they never change.

You might look at someone and see they might have changed but that is just your perception of them. Deep down everyone has their true self but it’s your perception of them that makes them appear to change. It’s not until you get right down to the core of someone is when you really know who they are. It’s hard to get this perception down and get to the core of someone so you know who they are but I guess it comes down your perception of them in the first place. It all comes down to the way you treat people at the start.

Treating people like you don’t trust them or treating people like they have already wronged you is not a good place to start. You need to treat them with an open mind, not persuaded by what you are hearing from people but by your experiences with them. Other people’s opinions are biased and not a true representation of who the person is. All in all, it comes down to your perception of the person and that might not be who they really are.

If someone seems to ‘change’ just remember that they aren’t really changing it is just your perception and deal down that is who they were in the first place.