Do what makes you happy

For so long I struggled with everything, from what to do as a career to the future of my relationships I was having to decide what to do. I was unsure what to study at uni, as what I was doing was making me miserable but I thought I needed to study it to be […]

They have it better then me

So many people are saying this these days and they think they are right but they are not. People look around at their neighbors and people in their life and complain that they have it better but you don’t really know the full story. You might look at someone and think that they have it […]

How to find a good reviewer

This can sometimes be a touching subject as everyone has their own opinion on many things. What I want to talk about is how you can find a reviewer or website that has the right reviews for you. 1. Start with a large site Most forms of reviews fall into a few categories and those […]

Man how things change

Everyone says that people never change but most of you could say you have seen them change and act differently, well I’m sorry to say that even in this case the saying still stands true. People change and they change all the time, they might be acting differently now but it doesn’t mean they have […]

Celebrity Nude Photo Scandal

Just to begin with I’m not going to share, link, or point to where these photos are so if you came here looking for that then leave now. As you may or may not know there has been an image leak online and more than 20 celebrities’ phones have been hacked. An unknown hacker has […]

Choosing when to let go

This is a tough one to gauge but I’m going to try anyway…choosing when to let go. We hold onto so much, as humans, it is only second nature to hold onto things. Our emotions make us spiteful and we decide to remember stuff to seek revenge or to get recognition for it. Sometimes it’s […]