With the apple press conference coming up there has been talked about exclusive features and changing of plugs etc. If this is a good idea or not is still to be seen but what is for sure is you can’t cut out third parties. Tech Companies like to make extras and addons for their product and charge a fortune but even before people buy tach they do research. Take mobile phones for example, if you release a phone where any 3rd party additions don’t work then people aren’t going to buy that phone.

This could be the problem with the Phoneblocks model if they don’t open to 3rd party.

The whole point of this phone is that if a part is broken then you just slide it out and replace it. However, if there are no 3rd party ‘blocks’ then people are going to end up paying a fortune for the blocks that they aren’t going to buy the parts.

The same goes for if the company changes the charging or location of the aux plug. When Apple moved it from the top to the bottom this put 99% of the iPhone/iPod docking stations useless as the plug would get in the way. Also, they changed the charger to a completely different one that also made some docking stations useless. It might not be something that companies want to think about when designing their tech but they do need to keep it in mind.

Cutting out 3rd party suppliers will greatly affect your sales.