Do you know that one person that has no filters in conversation? They just talk and the most inappropriate things come out of their mouth. Certain people in life maybe like to cause trouble but I think these people just don’t have filters. Did you know that in your brain you have this thing called an Amygdala?

Basically, this part of your brain is like a filter that helps you process memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions. This can sometimes be smaller in some people and can cause disorders but for most people, it is fully functioning.

Well, maybe there is also something in the human brain that helps you decide what is appropriate to say in a conversation. I say this because there are people out there who don’t have filters and just say whatever the hell they want. Now don’t’ get this mistaken from someone telling the truth because there is still a line. You can be honest with someone but not hurting them or saying something out of place. Let me explain with an example, if someone comes up to me in private and says how are things going with saving for a house?

Then that is fine but if someone screams out in a public setting with a bunch of people, why don’t you have a house? That is someone with no filter. Another example could be telling someone in front of a group that you smell like crap instead of pulling you aside and telling you privately can also be hurtful. That’s really the point of all this, not saying things that are hurtful to other people in a public setting. Using your filters to help you govern what is appropriate to say in certain situations. Don’t be the guy who people don’t like talking to or spending time with because you are either mean or insult them and hurt their feelings.

Be the kind of person that YOU would like to talk to because you never know, you might talk to someone who doesn’t have filters and realize how much of an asshole you really are.