Registering your car has become a pain that everyone needs to go through. When I got my car registration was just over $500 but now it is just over $700. Registration is difficult for all but here are some tips to help you out when it comes to registration.


Many people now are downsizing their 3 car homes to 1 or 2 car homes. This can be one way of saving on car registration by not re-registering a car you barely use. Another form of downsizing people are going through are trading in their car for a bike or scooter. This can be a good way of saving on registration as the cost for these vehicles is around $200.

Save up year-round

This doesn’t really save you money but is a good way to make sure you aren’t in for a big shock when you need to renew. Open up a savings account with no fees and put in $80 a month per car, this way when the registration comes around you are not surprised by the cost.

Use a monthly payment service

Some of you might have heard adds about a service called ForgetReg, which is a registration payment program. It basically works as the savings account above but they send you a ‘bill’ every month. I say ‘bill’ because that is what it is like but it’s more of a reminder so that you don’t miss out on a payment. Then when your registration date comes around they just pay it for you hassle-free.

Get a superpower

A sure-fire way of saving money on registration is by getting a superpower, but not just any superpower. You want one like flight or teleportation because that way you don’t need a car ever. I guess any superpower would work as I’m sure you can make money off your power and use that to pay for it but if you could fly or something like that you are also saving the environment so it’s win-win I guess.

What do you think?

How do you prepare for registration?

Also, Rego stickers are gone!