With TV seasons wrapping up there is one thing on most people’s mind…will this show be back for another season? Its a question that many are upset about the answer but to put your mind at ease I thought I would give you some points about why do shows get canceled and how you can help.

Reasons for cancellation

There are lots of reasons for a show to be canceled from actors not signing up, loss of a showrunner to just not good ratings. Not one reason cancels a show, some shows have terrible ratings but still manage to get renewed but this would be because they have an actor that the network wants to keep or a director that they want to keep. Regardless of the reasons why a show gets canceled or not renewed for another season, there is only one reason why if you love a show to try and get it back and that is if the creators say that is ended. If the creators of the show say we have finished the story that we wanted to tell and we are no longer making any more then it is time to let it go or else you could ruin the show for yourself eg. Scrubs


Sometimes the show can just be bad and everyone agrees it should just not be on tv anymore.

Networks put shows in to fail

This one is hard to counter because sometimes networks don’t see what they are doing till it is too late. They put shows in positions to fail or accidentally put shows in time slots that they have no chance of competing with. An example of this was if they put The Big Bang Theory on a Tuesday night at 9 pm or 10 pm, why would this be a problem? Well think of the audience, they are mostly made up of the working class, teens, and families (Big Bang target audience 2013).

Having the show this late you lose half the families, 90% of the teens, and a few of the working class. The reasons that they lose these viewers can be many reasons but I’m sure you can work that out. Networks also make new shows compete with current and popular shows. If a new comedy was in the same time slot at The Big Bang Theory they wouldn’t stand a chance, people wouldn’t miss a show they love and already watch to start a new show. Networks can sometimes be the reason that shows get canceled or not renewed.

If shows where on another network

Sometimes shows are just on the wrong network and a simple change in the network could be the answer. A show that is the perfect example of this is Supernatural, this show was originally on WB network but after the 2nd season, they wanted to cancel it. In comes the CW network to the rescue, they bought Supernatural and gave it 2 more seasons. Now they just wrapped season 9 and are renewed for a 10th season and the show is holding higher numbers than it did on the WB network. So if your show hasn’t been renewed then don’t worry it might be moved to another network and be even better than before.


A show I’m sad to see go is the Tomorrow People. This show (from the stats) held really good numbers for a new show on the CW network but ended up getting canceled. Now if it was on the SciFi channel then it might have been renewed but it would not have as much funds as it did on the CW network. Many other shows could have benefited from being on another network but you also got to look at the negatives of the other network. For example, a new comedy on Fox won’t stand a chance, they cancel 90% of their new comedy shows mid season without giving them a chance.

Cancellation can benefit other shows

This one is tricky but I also want to bring back The Tomorrow People as my example as well as Arrow. Arrow is having a spin-off show called the Flash, which I’m really excited for, but with this new show, they obviously need to free up funds as well as a time slot. This is where The Tomorrow People come into it.


The Tomorrow People had mediocre ratings where Arrow had one of the highest ratings on the network. So when it came to trial a spin-off, the sample episode on Arrow got the highest rating that season. In the end, they decided to get rid of The Tomorrow People and give the new show a chance. Now, this might not be a real reason why but based on some stats and knowledge I can say this was a possibility. This isn’t all bad though, if this was the reason then if the Flash flops (which it won’t) then The Tomorrow People could come back. You see sometimes cancellation can benefit other shows and it doesn’t mean the show is bad but just that the network is looking at their money and want it to go up as quickly as they can.

How to get your show back

Now to the hopeful part… Getting your show back is hard and can take a lot of work but it can be done. Arrested Development is a great example of that. Here is a show that did really well and had good numbers but was still canceled, so what did the fans do? They wrote and partitioned and ended up getting the show picked up by Netflix to do one more season. Veronica Mars is another example of the fans getting the show back. They started a Kickstarter to show networks that the fans will pay for it if you make it and it worked. So you see you can bring a show back if you really want it. Just go to fan sites and fan forums and fight back against the networks.