Trolls and Cyberbullying

Being a web developer and working with clients on blogs and social networks i’ve found that most people online are assholes. Don’t get me wrong there are generally nice people […]

What we pass on to the next generation

What do we pass on to the next generation? This has been something that i never really thought about. Mostly i think is comes down to what kind of an […]

STILL being treated like a child!!!

I wrote at the start of the year about Respecting your elders and i feel my secondary point didn’t get across all to well. My primary point was about should you […]

Shelby Osborne – Is this really a gender equality issue?

Not sure if you know about this story or not but i’ll give you a little overview… Shelby Osborne a senior at Jeffersonville High School in Lafayette, Indiana, signed to […]

Why do shows get canceled?

With TV seasons wrapping up there is one thing on most peoples mind…will this show be back for another season? Its a question that many are upset about the answer […]

What Is Blule?

What Is Blule? Well its not so much what is but who is… It is very rare that i enjoy the works of one particular artist and actually subscribe to […]

Using ISP emails

I see this around but still don’t understand why people use ISP email addresses i mean there are so many other FREE options out there for you. For starters an […]

The Know Approval

As some of you may know i’ve been talking with other websites and bloggers online trying to get sponsorships and partnerships and so far it has gone well. I’d like […]