This is one thing that writers and producers have trouble with all the time. You see shows eventually come to an end, everyone knows this, but its the ending of a show that can leave the lasting impression, ending a series can be a difficult task. What writers have trouble with is making an ending that everyone would like, which is hard because everyone imagines their own ending. The best explanation for this event I can think of was a quote from a Red vs Blue panel I went to in Melbourne.

This was around the time that they started showing faces of the extras in their show which consisted of main characters with helmets on. The question was asked when will we see the main characters faces in which they replied the following: “I don’t think we can ever show their faces, I mean you haven’t seen these guys real face for like 10 years now…I think no matter what face we show under the helmet our viewers have their own mind up of what they should look like…I don’t think there is one face that everyone would be happy with” From this quote you can understand why shows find it hard to write endings. When you have a show on the air for a few years people get attached to their life and what their story will be.

There have been several shows that have had good endings and shows that have had really really bad ones. Probably the worst ending I have seen in a show was The Sopranos where they ended the show just but cutting the end of the show when a character was in mid-sentence. Some of the better endings I have seen are shows like Scrubs that even though they did another season due to studio pressure, the ending that had was perfect. The show ended with the main character imaging what the rest of his life would be like and it showed everything the fans could want.

There has been a show recently that just finished that people have been talking about and that is How I Met Your Mother. I’ve even had a lengthy discussion about the ending on Facebook. There are a few reasons why people didn’t like the ending.

Some people just plainly didn’t like it, some thought it was rushed, some thought the last season was a mostly crappy story with a large lump of the story at the end. Whatever the reason people didn’t like the ending… How do you fix this? Well, really it is the luck of the draw. You just need to hope that the ending you picked will be the one that people like. Then again this day an age with the common release of alternate ending on DVD’s and deleted scenes I guess you can leave it up to people to pick the ending they like the most.

I think endings for shows are hard and people might find it a little difficult to write one but even if it is good or bad, making an ending that people talk about for months that’s what makes the money.