HIMYM and Ending a Series

This is one thing that writers and producers have trouble with all the time. You see shows eventually come to an end, everyone knows this, but its the ending of […]

The Keyboard Sheild

This has been an issue that i’ve had to deal with since moving to an online blog and backing up not only what i write but to also deal with […]

Canceled Shows

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there has been a ton of shows canceled. As broadcast networks having announced their fall lineups there are shows that unfortunately […]

Day in the life of a developer

When I show the boss that I have finally fixed this bug when I can’t stop a query which is deleting all the database When the project manager enters the […]

New Awesome Power Rangers

If you remember back i wrote about how they are making a new power rangers movie (click here for article). Well the internet has exploded with people doing reimagining of […]

Development Roadblock

I’ve hit a roadblock… It is so frustrating when it happens but there really isn’t much you can do. All developers, writers and just creative people in general sometimes hit […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Mobile Review

About the game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an action-packed, open-world adventure showcasing characters from the blockbuster film. Players can expect to web-sling through a free-roam Manhattan that increases the […]

Awesome watercolour superheroes

This latest project from Sydney-based French artist Clémentine sees her tackle the Avengers in an entirely unique and beautiful way. Using watercolours to really highligh the aesthetics of these characters, the likes […]

What has the news come to?

I’d have to admit i haven’t watched the news in years and it wasn’t till the other day that i realised why. Most of you know that i’m what you […]

New Power Rangers Movie

Well it is official…The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are set to return to the big screen, as Lionsgate has announced a live action movie reboot of the characters. In the […]