Project Update

Well i’ve talked about it and it’s time for a project update… Some projects i’ve used code names for just because i either don’t really have a name for them […]

Sponsor Content and Future of

This is something i’ve been 50/50 on for a while but i thought it was about time to do something. Starting soon i’ll be introducing sponsored content… This won’t really […]


URGENT NEWS!!! There has been an SSL leak and your accounts are venerable! This is the biggest hack/venerability seen on the internet for a long time. Quick backstory on the bug, […]

Captain America 2 and the Marvel Universe

Having watched Captain America 2 i’ve felt like talking about what this means to not only to the Avengers Movie but the Marvel Universe as a whole… *PLEASE BE AWARE […]

Marvels “Age of Miracles”

After watching Captain America 2 I thought i would give people a description of Marvels “Age of Miracles”. While HYDRA continue as the puppet-masters of planet earth, von Strucker will […]

April Fools 2014

Ah the great day of the year… Why you might ask? Well April Fools is the best day because you truly see people screw with other people. Not only that […]