Blog Advertising

Many people have asked me…how do these YouTube people make money doing what they do? Well the answer is simple they register for google adsense. This service is google’s way […]

So you think coding is easy?!

So you probably think that making a website is easy with all the cool easy to use website builders? Well let me just tell you that is incorrect… Yes it […]

News Update!!!

What’s happening blog readers? I’ve decided to write this blog as a sort of news update for you all. First off i just want to thank everyone for reading this […]

Job hunting and Job interviews

No i’m not looking for another job i’m very happy where i am. I just thought with year 12 and uni wrapping up exams and such i thought i would […]

How to download videos off youtube

Want to know how to download videos off youtube? Well here is an instructional video i made for you to help you do that

Need tech but have no money

Why do i do this to myself? I come up with these awesome ideas for shows, ads and short videos but i keep running into the same problem. The issue […]

How to download videos off Youtube

This is a short video showing you the best way to download videos off YouTube. Remember though to always make sure you have the up-loaders permission to use the video […]