I know I have done a blog post about this before but I just thought that I would mention that again my job is awesome. Not only is the work awesome and I’m learning a lot but they are also so nice. They respect that I will be doing freelance work as well as their work but as long as they don’t collide then its all good. Not only that but I have an untapped resource to hardware.

This place has the best camera equipment (and I’m talking top of the line) with the computers to back it up. The structure of the business and the encouragement to progress your knowledge is fantastic. I hadn’t been here a week and they said take your pick of train courses that we have listed here and we will pay for it. So starting at the end of June I will be going to an advanced film school.

On another note, I have been playing a lot of games but most recently I have been playing logo games.

It is such an addictive game and so much fun to play so I suggest you all get onto it.

Till next time