Been having a little trouble with our internet connection at work and have been on the phone constantly but it has been humorous going through all the security checkpoints and questions they have. Now just to make it clear my boss is present when i do these questions but once you have the username of the account if you know enough details about them it is fairly easy for you to access their account. For example the questions i was asked was username, address and dob. Now i know the address of the business and i can guess the username (most of the time the name of the business) and the DOB is just a simple facebook search away. I’ve done this many times just to save time because you know my boss is very rarely in the office so it is hard for him to do a security check. My solution is this…unless you are going to do something drastic (ie. canceling a service, changing a plan etc) then you do not need to do this crappy security check and just save a massive one for when you need it