Christmas and Video Games

Christmas is coming up and everyone is getting ready. People are getting presents, getting food working out arrangements. Everything is coming together but it is the little things you remember […]

My Cats

Ok i admit it i have cats…there i got it out lets move on Even though i do have cats i would say i am still a dog person. I […]

The Walking Dead

I am in love with the walking dead!! I love both the show and the comic book…i can’t get enough of it. Wasn’t to sure about the way the show […]

A little bit of code

I’ve been thinking lately of introducing a new section to my website… Basically the idea i had was to introduce a tutorial section to the website where i would run […]

Halo 4 Review

First off for all of those people who are reading this before you play the game make sure if you want to play multiplayer you need to install disc 2 […]

Star Wars buyout and Sleepy

Hey Guys… So much to talk about today and not to mention i am exhausted. Been working hard at work and on some of my side projects and i am […]