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Yo server is down

On the off chance that you depend on your site being on the web, here’s a free and simple approach to get alarmed inside five minutes in the event that it goes down.

It could be irritating if the server facilitating your website goes down; on the off chance that its an ecommerce site or the home of your outline portfolio, it could bring about lost salary. So the sooner you deal with it, the better, yet in what manner would you be able to rapidly see whether your server’s down?

Here’s Yo Server is Down, a novel result from Haydn and Jarryd Lee. It guides into unrealistic social application, Yo, a solitary tap zero character specialized instrument that you can use to send the saying “Yo” to everybody. In case you’re striving to see the purpose of it, you’re not alone. However with Yo Server is Down, you can put Yo to genuine utilization.


You have to get a Yo API handle, and afterward its a couple of simple steps until you’re primed to go. Once you’re all enlisted, You Server is Down will basically ping your server like clockwork to verify its living up to expectations. On the off chance that its down you’ll get a Yo to that impact, empowering you to rapidly alter it yourself or holler at your facilitating organization. Sorted!

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