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Writing scary stories

I have recently returned from camp and like you do we had a campfire. It was lots of fun and they even wanted to hear a scary story so i decided to tell one. I went on telling them the story which i made up on the spot. After i had finished telling the story most of the kids were scared and then for the rest of the night walked back to the cabins in groups and some even ran.

The next day they asked me about the story and asked where i heard it and if it was true. I decided to be nice and let them know that i made it up on the spot then they all wanted to know how i made it so scary and thats what i want to discuss now…

You see scary movies are all relative, you can’t really make a scary movie or story that will scare everyone every time. The thing that makes these stories so scary is to appeal to peoples fear. If you are telling a story to a small group of people then do some reasearch. Find out what scares them, if it is clowns then make the story about clowns, if it is animals then make it about animals. The story would be much more scarier if you pander to their biggest fears.

What if however you are telling this story to a large group and you can’t include all their fears? Well the simplest thing you can do is relate it to the situation you are in. You find things in the place you are staying to use as key locations or identifying words that they then in turn start imagining. For example if the place you are staying at has a long hallway then you mention that when they came out of their room they looked down the long hallway to see ______. What you want to keep in mind is that the unknown is always scary so keeping the ’monster’ as vague as possible is always a good thing but using the location you are in so they can picture the unknown in something. This will insure that the story is always scary.

Well thats really all you need to make a scary story, now go out and scare the pants off someone. If you would like me to make up a scary story for you or someone you know then just let know. I would love to help you scare them…

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